Agile 2005 Conference
Conference Schedule
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     Time      APM Track Testing Track Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Workshop Workshop Experience Reports & Research Papers Open Space Special Events FitFest
Sun 1:30-5:00 [Intro Track] Introduction to Agile Software Development: Hubert Smits [Intro Track] Engineering Practices of Agile Teams: Gerard Meszaros, Mike Cohn, Jim Highsmith, Ward Cunningham, and Rick Mugridge      
7:00 Ice Breaker
Mon 9:00-10:30 Keynote: "Where were we? Where are we? Where are we going?" by Bob Martin and Brian Marick
11:00-12:30 Open Space Marketplace: Kickoff for Open Space
Open Space runs concurrently through Wed. at 6PM
1:30-3:00 Agile Project Management - Reliable Innovation: Jim Highsmith (Tutorial) Expressing business rules (with Fit): Rick Mugridge (Tutorial) Agile User Experience Design: Jeff Patton In Retrospect: Mining the Wisdom of Agile Projects: Esther Derby and Diana Larsen [Intro Track]
Agile Development Methodologies: Jean Tabaka and Bob Martin
[Intro Track] More Practices of Agile Teams: Mike Clark, JB Rainsberger, & Scott Ambler Agile Contracts: Mary Poppendieck (Workshop) Delivering Value Early, Steve Freeman IEEE 1648 Recommended Practice for Agile Methods, Scott Duncan Research Papers Open Space Fit Fest
3:30-5:00 How to Apply Agile Development Methods in Open Source Projects: Robert Sfeir, David Kane   Research Papers Educators' Symposium Workshop
"Androgogical approaches to learning in the Agile Software Development Team"
by Pam Rostal, Dave West
5:15-6:00 Open Space
Open Space runs concurrently through Wed. at 6PM
6:00-7:00 AgileAlliance Annual Meeting
Tues 9:00-10:30 Living the Declaration of Interdependence: Ole Jepsen (Workshop) Roadmap to Agile Testing: Kay Johansen, Brown (Workshop) (Introduction to) The Release Planning Game: Chet Hendrickson and Ron Jeffries Agile Product Owner and Customer Boot Camp, Paul Hodgetts Test-Driven Development for Embedded Systems: Nancy van Schooenderwoert The 59-Minute Scrum: Jean Tabaka, Boris Gloger How to Maximize the Value of Software Assets: Luke Hohmann The Courage to Communicate: Diana Larsen Vendor Presentations Experience Reports Open Space Educators' Symposium. Keynote: "Crossing the Chasm with Agile Methodologies in Software Engineering Education" by Laurie Williams Fit Fest
11:00-12:30   Informative Workspace: Rachel Davies Experience Reports Educators' Symposium Presentations
1:30-3:00 Management Issues for Lean Software Development: Mary Poppendieck (Tutorial) Agile Testing for "Traditional" Testers and Agile Team Members: Anko Tijman, Lisa Crispin (Tutorial) Advanced Feature Estimation and Project Planning: Chet Hendrickson and Ron Jeffries Agile Software Development in the Large: Jutta Eckstein Skills for the Agile Designer: Rebecca Wirfs-Brock Becoming a Collaborative Leader: Chris Avery and Pollyanna Pixton Workshop on Agile Transition Management: Mike Cohn, Tobias Mayer, Christian Hessler Stop interacting with the customer! (...until you know the safety rules): Zhon Johansen and Jeff Grover Vendor Presentations Experience Reports Educators' Symposium Panel:
How much Agile Should We Teach in a Software Engineering Course?
3:30-5:00 Achieving Closure: Best Practices for Ending the Iteration: Jeff Nielsen and Dave McMunn Technical Retrospectives: Richard J. Watt and David Leigh-Fellows Experience Reports Educators' Symposium Presentations
5:15-6:00 Open Space  
Wed 9:00-10:30 Release and Iteration Planning: Mike Cohn (Tutorial) Web Test Scripting with Watir: Bret Pettichord and Paul Rogers(Tutorial) Collaboration Works! Facilitation Skills for Agile Teams: Ellen Gottesdiener Test-Driven J2EE: J.B. Rainsberger The Whole Enchilada: Effectively Blending Management, Planning & Technical Practices: Joshua Kerievsky Introducing agile practices to your team or organization: Linda Rising and Mary Lynn Manns Hands-On Teaching Agile Programming: Orit Hazzan, Yael Dubinsky (Educators' Symposium Tutorial) Agile Thinking Workshop: Tobias Mayer Hiring an Agile Tester: Anko Tijman and Lisa Crispin Experience Reports Executive Summit: Special Keynote by Lee Devin
11:00-12:30 Extreme Teams Game: Erik Meade Research Papers
1:30-5:00 Open Space
5:15-6:00 Open Space closing    
Thurs 9:00-10:30 A Project Manager's Survival Guide to Going Agile: Michele Sliger and Alicia Yanik (Tutorial) Tools for Acceptance Testing: Bret Pettichord and Timothy Wall (Workshop) Storytest-Driven Development: Max Baumann Software Metrics for Agile Projects: Julias Shaw and Jeff Patton Refactoring: Keeping Software Malleable: Duncan Pierce Invited Talk: "The Secrets of Leading from a Position of No Power": Agile Development for Embedded Software Development: James Grenning Experience Reports  
11:00-12:30 Invited Talk: "Commoditizing Agility" by Joshua Kerievsky Experience Reports
1:30-3:00 Meeting the Agile Leadership Challenge: Diana Larsen, Pollyanna Pixton(Tutorial) How to Integrate a Test/QA Team into an Agile Development Environment: Janet Gregory (Tutorial) How Does Incremental Design Really Work?: Jeff Nielsen Stop super-sizing your release plans: Ryan Martens and Luke Hohmann Evolutionary Database Development: Pramod Sadalage Working Effectively with Legacy Code: Michael Feathers Is Your Organization Ready for Scrum?: Bob Schatz and Ken Schwaber Test-Driven Development and Beyond: Dave Astels and Brian Marick Leadership in Extreme Programming: Kent Beck Experience Reports
3:30-5:00 Experience Reports
7:00-Late Banquet
Fri 9:00-10:30 Breakfast