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Ellen Gottesdiener
Openspace Chair
Assistant: Diana Larsen

Invitation to Participate in Agile 2005 Openspace

Our purpose is simple and important: we need your deep engagement in the issues and opportunities surrounding our theme "Agile Practices: Business as Usual".

We have done well and we must do better, to serve ourselves, our organizations, and our communities. We seek differences of opinion and experience, because it is this rich diversity that is powerful. We hope to mix past experience, present realities and all our hopes and dreams for the future of agile development. Before we leave the conference: every issue of concern to anybody will be on the table, if they choose to put it there all issues will receive as full a discussion as you choose to give them You will be able to view a summary of each session on our Wiki web, the day after each session.

It is time to get to work. What are the issues and opportunities for making agile practices business as usual, that you care about? What are your ideas, questions, recommendations, concerns, needs and desires for resolution and future directions-right down to the level of implementation?

Using Open Space, we will explore them.

What is it?

Open Space Technology (OST), created by Harrison Owen, is a self-organizing practice that releases the inherent creativity and leadership in people. Open Space is internationally recognized as an innovative approach to creating whole systems change and inspiring the best in human performance.

Open Space runs on two fundamentals: passion and responsibility.

Passion engages the people in the room. Responsibility ensures things get done. Open Space gathers participants in a dynamic group, focused on topics working around a central theme, chosen by you and your fellow participants. This fluid approach allows you, to explore the issues that are crucial to you, your organization and your community, with others that hold the same passion.

How does it work?

You will convene groups around topics for which you have a passion. The topics will be established when we gather at the Open Space opening. During the opening, you will be invited to take responsibility for what you care about. In so doing, Open Space establishes a marketplace of inquiry, anyone can offer topics they care about, want to reflect upon and learn from one another -- to accomplish meaningful work.

You will briefly explain your topic then post the time and place for everyone. Because you care about agile development, and because have the skills, experiences and insights and motivation, you can make a lot happen.

Topics will be available all week.

Our Theme at Agile 2005:

"Agile Practices: Business as Usual".

Principles and the One Law:

There are four key principles in Open Space:

  1. Whoever comes are the right people.
  2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.
  3. Whenever it starts is the right time.
  4. When it is over it is over.

There is one law — The law of Mobility (aka: The law of two feet.)

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not learning or contributing, go somewhere else.

This means you can choose.

This law causes some participants to flit from activity to activity. By so doing, you can be like a bumblebees cross-pollinating all the sessions.

Some of you will use The Law of Two Feet to go off and sit by themselves -like a butterfly, creating quiet centers of non-action for stillness, beauty, novelty or random conversations to be born.

Where and When?

Openspace sessions will be occurring several days during the conference. The kickoff session will be on Monday, July 25th in the Denver Room.

More info:

Come explore with us! Get in on this stimulating process that's guaranteed to open space-and open minds.

Agile 2006 is being scheduled for July 23-28, 2006, at the Hyatt downtown Minneapolis.
Mark your calendars!
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